Marine & Towage Services Group has built up extensive experience in the offshore renewables industry working with leading contractors in wind, wave and tidal energy markets.

We provide marine plant that supports the complex logistics supply chain during the construction stages. Our flexible approach and reputation in marine operations enables us to successfully work in partnership with our clients.  Our vessels can tow & support large JUB, deliver loaded monopile & transition piece/cable barges to any port and offer multicat vessels for anchor handling and other support .  Our certified vessels include

-         Large Sea & Coastal going tugs

-         Damen Shoalbusters

-         Multicats

-         Crew Transfer Vessels

Our crews have gained experience by understanding the clients demands having worked on many of the Offshore Wind Farms around the UK and Europe.

We also have experience with the Operations & Maintenance (O&M) of Wind farms both in crew transfer and maintenance support.

As wave and tidal energy projects quickly evolve we encourage our clients to fully utilise and develop our vessels to maximise operational efficiencies in both of these young sectors.

For all enquiries please call us on +44 1803 416416 or email