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Marine and Towage Services GroupLtd. (MTS), a leading marine services provider, has announced the purchase ofits latest vessel, MTS Terramare. This multi-purpose landing craft enables thedelivery of cargo, construction equipment and other materials directly ontoland, without the need for dedicated dockside facilities, whilst additionallyable to operate as a diving platform for offshore salvage and development work.


The ability of MTS Terramare to be used as a floating platformfor diving survey, or UXO works on cable routes, for example, will also enableoffshore energy developers to meet the continued demands of infrastructureactivity around European waters.


Equipped with a 4 point mooring system, powerful deck crane andISO container fittings the MTS Terramare is well suited for offshore diveoperations.  For station keeping inshallow waters, the MTS Terramare is equipped with two spud legs allowing thevessel to support survey, construction & IRM activities.


With a draught of 1.4m and a cargo deck measuring 13.7m x 4.6m,the MTS Terramare can transport up to 50 tons onto remote shores at a top speedof 8 knots.  In addition, the craftcontains accommodation for up to 8 passengers, while a hydraulic deck ramp andcrane facilitate the transfer of cargo ashore.


With the continued evolution of the maritime transportindustry, owners and operators are investing in new technologies and equipmentin order to meet operational obstacles and keep up with market demands.


In particular, running cargo to small islands or areas withlimited port infrastructure presents unique logistical challenges. Such workrequires a stable yet versatile vessel, with a sufficiently shallow draught todeliver its cargo as close to land as possible.


The MTS Terramare is available for immediate deployment, andhas already been used to transport cargo to the Isles of Scilly and along theUK’s South Coast, showcasing the range of environments in which it can operate.


“Our clients look to us to meet their transportation requirementsno matter the destination,” said Steve Bendell, Commercial Manager, MTS.


“Increasingly we are finding there is a market need to delivercargo to locations with little or no port infrastructure.  Already, the MTS Terramare has been successfulfor the delivery of equipment and materials for the repair and maintenance ofremote and inaccessible coastal assets.  TheMTS Terramare will prove a valuable vessel in meeting this need, extending theversatility of our fleet and the range of services we provide our clients.”


“We are also able to charter the vessel for diving operations,which we expect to utilise in support of the European offshore energy industry,adding to an already strong surveying resource in the existing MTS fleet.”